Glow Stick Jars Make Perfect Summer Party Accessories

glow sticks

Here at Riverlodge Apartments, we love making sure our residents have all the tips on making the most out of living in apartments in north Austin. And here's a great one for those of you hosting summer parties and looking for a touch of whimsy and fun: Why not make your own glow stick jars? They're easy to create and make a big impact. All you need is a set … [Read more...]

Unconventional Workouts: Best Places to Kayak Near Austin


Kayaking can be a great workout choice for fat burning and keeping fit and kayaking near Austin is a popular option for a family day out. One of the best family kayaking options that gives kids a great introduction to the sport is to hire a kayak at the Texas Rowing Center situated at Ladybird Lake in Austin. It's possible to hire out single, double, or … [Read more...]

5 Totally Free Things to Do in Austin This Summer


You do not have to spend a ton of cash to have a good time this summer. There are so many activities around town that do not cost any money, all you have to do is know where to look. Here are five free things to do in Austin, both in and near our Riverlodge Apartment community. Visit The Library: It is free to check out the books and most of the CDs ad … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Join a Food Co-op in Austin

fruit co-op

Chances are you buy most of your groceries form a big retailer most of the time. Maybe once in a while you buy produce from a farmer’s market or local vendor, or even the mom and pop shop near your home. While big grocery stores can be convenient, they can’t compete with food co-ops in Austin when it comes to certain things. Keep reading to learn more … [Read more...]

Cabinets a Mess? 3 Tips for Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies


A good collection of cleaning products can help you keep your apartment looking its best. However, cleaning products themselves are often hard to keep organized. If your cleaning cabinet looks like a bomb went off inside of it, use these tips to get cabinets organized and keep it that way. Keeping Cleaning Rags in Line. It's easy to give in to the … [Read more...]